UNTF Union of Non-Tenure Track Faculty @ Michigan State University: Founded in 2010, we are a member of American Federation of Teachers and one of nineteen AFT higher education unions in Michigan. Who We Are We are an inclusive community of professional teachers known for our pedagogical excellence, commitment to students, and support of underrepresented groups across the MSU campus. What We Do We unite non-tenured faculty through collective bargaining and political action in order to build economic, professional, social, and political power in service of our vision. Why We Do It We envision a professional world at Michigan State University in which faculty in all systems and ranks are treated equitably. We seek to be part of a dynamic and democratic national labor movement, promoting labor solidarity. How We Do It We foster curiosity to create real-world solutions that make a positive difference, at MSU and beyond. We advance our members’ professional development by creating opportunities for professional and personal growth. We work collectively within our unit, with the MSU administration, and our sister unions to cultivate a community founded on equity, transparency, and mutual respect. What We’ve Gained Minimum salary increases across all ranks (Asst. profs went from 38/yr in 2015 to 61/yr in 2025, a 62% increase) Annual salary raises between 2.5% and 3.5% Access to long-term contacts with four years of seniority A path to promotion Academic review reform Professional development funds What’s Next Advocating for market wages Full academic governance representation at every level Workload policies Developing Member programming How to Help More teaching focused faculty joining the union and paying dues gives us more leverage when we advocate for our membership. If you are interested in helping shape your union, please get in touch! Contact Information Website: www.untf.org Email: office@untf.org Phone: 517-203-0880

Our Leadership Team