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UNTF Welcome Message, 8/20/2018

We begin a new academic year in a political atmosphere at the state and national levels that is not supportive of unions in general, and even less so of public sector unions. Nonetheless, this spring, we negotiated a new UNTF contract that contains some significant improvements over the previous one, and we are eager to continue building on that progress.

Most significantly, the new contract includes increases in minimum salaries and some extra help for those with salaries near the minimum. That is in addition to the yearly merit-pool increases for all members. Also, the number of teaching semesters necessary to become eligible for Designation B status has been reduced from ten to eight, and we now have seven years rather than six years in which to accumulate those eight semesters. This change means that we can apply for the Des B status sooner, and some who had not planned to apply yet may now be able to do so this semester. There is an added incentive to achieve the Des B status because it now comes with a $1000 raise in one’s base salary. If you have questions about your eligibility for Des B, ask in your department or contact us at the UNTF office.

The new contract also contains some changes that require us to be extra vigilant. The administration insisted on shortening the time allowed for filing grievances. We now have only 14 days from the time that a problem arises to initiate the grievance process. It is always best to resolve employment problems informally, without a grievance, but if in doubt, it is best to consult with the union sooner rather than later.

We are still in the process of assembling a final version of the new contract, but as soon as it is ready, it will replace the old contract on this web page, UNTF.org. (A summary is provided below.) Then, we will continue all of our work to improve the conditions of our employment and the quality of the education that we bring to our students. In order to do that, we will be visiting you on campus to learn what your concerns and interests are. If you are not a member of the UNTF, I ask that you consider that the benefits it brings to you are well worth the contribution that it requires.

Have a great year,

Rich Manderfield

Acting-President, UNTF

Fixed-term Assistant Professor

Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

Summary of the 2018-2022 UNTF Contract


Merit pool raises will be 1.5% in 2018, 1.5% in 2019, 2.0% in 2020, and 2.0% in 2021.

Minimum salaries

Effective October 1, 2018, an increase to the minimums of the ranks of Lecturer, Assistant Instructor, Instructor and Specialist to $35,000 for Academic Year appointments and $42,778 for an Annual Year appointment. An increase to the minimums of the rank of Assistant Professor to $45,000 for Academic Year appointments and $55,000 for an Annual Year appointment.

Minimum salaries will increase 1.5% in 2019, 2.0% in 2020, and 2.0% in 2021.

In this contract, the Union concentrated on raising minimum salaries and on addressing the situation of some members for whom the raise to the minimum salary was more than their merit raise, with the result that experienced and meritorious faculty were getting no more than new faculty who were being hired at the minimum. To address this, the new contract includes a $60,000 pool that will be distributed to members who are in this situation as of September of 2018. The pool will be distributed to these members in proportion to their merit raises in the previous four years and will added to the new base salaries as described above.

Designation B

The new contract reduces to 8 the number of teaching semesters required to be eligible for Designation B status, and it increases to 7 the number of years in which a member can accumulate those semesters.

The new contract also includes a $1,000 raise in base pay for faculty who achieve Designation B status under the new contract.


The enrollment period in which members can enroll for benefits has been changed to 30 days from the 60 days allowed in the old contract. The University insists that this brings the contract into compliance with common practices.


The time allowed for the filing of grievances has also been reduced to 14 days from the 21 days of the old contract.

Release Time for the UNTF President

The new contract allows the UNTF President a one-class paid release per semester. This will enhance the efficiency of the union and reduce the need for paid staff.