Current UNTF Contract

April 30th Update on 2018 Contract Negotiations

The contract between UNTF and MSU expires in May 2018.  The UNTF Negotiation Team, led by Jon Curtiss (UNTF Field Representative) and Rich Manderfield (Acting UNTF President) and UNTF members from several units across campus, has met for five sessions with MSU’s Negotiation Team, led by Rick Fanning (Labor Relations) and Terry Curry (Academic Human Resources).

To date, negotiations have yielded “housekeeping” tentative agreements (TAs), such as fixed errata, adjusted enrollment dates, and simplified language, toward a new contract agreement between UNTF-represented non-tenure track faculty and MSU.

Proposals have been made by the UNTF toward pay parity for long-term employees as well cost of living and merit increases for all UNTF members.

Negotiations are currently scheduled to continue through May. The agreement will be presented to the general membership for approval.


Click the link below for our current contract, also called a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  **The second link below contains changes to the contract for a 2014-2018 agreement, ratified by the membership in June 2014. The new contract is currently being typeset and will be available shortly.**

Our contract is collective: it applies to all our members. The CBA is the backbone of our union because it sets the minimum standards for pay, benefits and working conditions for all of our members. Remember, any department can (and many do) exceed these minimum standards!

Similarly, this contract is set through a process of bargaining. Both parties meet to negotiate changes to this contract before its expiration. Negotiations for our second contract will begin in January 2014.

Finally, our contract represents a legal agreement between Michigan State University and the Union of Nontenure-Track Faculty. Representatives of both parties – including the Provost, the Vice President and Treasurer, and the Associate Provost – have signed this document agreeing to uphold the provisions therein.

2014 – 2018 Contract


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