Designation B is the policy, won by UNTF during their first contract, that gives fixed-term faculty the right to increased job security. Faculty who have  had UNTF teaching appointments at MSU for a minimum of eight semesters may apply for a minimum 3-year appointment under Designation B. Since our first semester of eligible employees applied, we now have over 50 members with Designation B status, with more joining them every semester!

An exciting outcome of the recent contract negotiation for the 2018-2022 contract is that faculty granted Designation B status after June 2018 will receive a $1,000 raise to their base salary.

What is Designation B?

Designation B is an appointment type outlined in the collective bargaining agreement between MSU and the UNTF. A Designation B appointment is predicated on exemplary instructional performance in UNTF bargaining unit assigned teaching duties. If eligible, individuals who believe they have established a clear record of sustained, outstanding achievements in teaching must assemble a compendium of materials that documents teaching excellence and submit such documentation to the unit head or designee. The request for a Designation B appointment is reviewed by the unit and the Office of the Provost for approval. If approval is granted, the initial Designation B appointment would provide at least a three year appointment for the UNTF teaching portion of the assignment. The collective bargaining unit between MSU and the UNTF states ‘Following each annual review that demonstrates continued excellence in teaching, each Designation B employee’s appointment shall be extended for one (1) year ensuring that the appointment is for no less than three(3) years” for the UNTF teaching portion of the assignment.

What information do I include with my application?

Some departments have individual criteria to apply. Check the Department Criteria link to see if UNTF has your department’s criteria. Please know that links change, so it is always a good idea to contact your chair about criteria.

All applications include Form B. Download the PDF or Word Doc.

Further Questions?

Visit the Designation B FAQ on MSU’s Human Resources website.

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