Designation B is the policy, won by UNTF in our second contract, that gives teaching-focused faculty the right to increased job security.

Faculty who have had UNTF teaching appointments at MSU for a minimum of eight semesters may apply for a five-year rolling appointment under Designation B. Since our first semester of eligible employees applied, we now have over 100 members with Designation B status, with more joining those ranks every semester.

An exciting outcome of our 2022-2026 contract negotiations is that faculty granted Designation B status after June of 2022 will receive a $2,000 raise to their base salary.

Why Should You Apply for Des B?

If you are eligible, you should apply for Des B. Designation B is the most tangible job security available for non-tenure track teaching faculty at MSU and it’s more than worth the added peace of mind, not to mention the $1,000 raise added to base salary. In some units, Des B is a prerequisite for promotion to associate or full professor.

Who Can Apply for Des B?

Anyone who has taught eight semesters across seven (or fewer) years. So, anyone who has four years of continuous service at the university, excluding summer semesters.