Designation B is the policy, won by UNTF during their first contract, that gives fixed-term faculty the right to increased job security. Faculty who have  had UNTF teaching appointments at MSU for a minimum of eight semesters may apply for a minimum 3-year appointment under Designation B. Since our first semester of eligible employees applied, we now have over 100 members with Designation B status, with more joining them every semester!

An exciting outcome of the contract negotiation for the 2018-2022 contract is that faculty granted Designation B status after June 2018 will receive a $1,000 raise to their base salary.

What is Designation B?

Designation B is an appointment type outlined in the collective bargaining agreement between MSU and the UNTF. A Designation B appointment is predicated on exemplary instructional performance in UNTF bargaining unit assigned teaching duties. If eligible, individuals who believe they have established a clear record of sustained, outstanding achievements in teaching must assemble a compendium of materials that documents teaching excellence and submit such documentation to the unit head or designee. The request for a Designation B appointment is reviewed by the unit and the Office of the Provost for approval. If approval is granted, the initial Designation B appointment would provide at least a three year appointment for the UNTF teaching portion of the assignment. The collective bargaining unit between MSU and the UNTF states ‘Following each annual review that demonstrates continued excellence in teaching, each Designation B employee’s appointment shall be extended for one (1) year ensuring that the appointment is for no less than three(3) years” for the UNTF teaching portion of the assignment.

Why Should You Apply for Des B?

If you are eligible, you should apply for Des B. Designation B is the most tangible job security available for non-tenure track teaching faculty at MSU and it’s more than worth the added peace of mind, not to mention the $1,000 raise added to base salary. In some units, Des B is a prerequisite for promotion to associate or full professor.

Who Can Apply for Des B?

Anyone who has taught eight semesters across seven (or fewer) years. So, anyone who has four years of continuous service at the university, excluding summer semesters.

A Guide to Applying:

There are multiple steps to acquiring Des B that all amount to a dossier that cannot exceed 85 pages. Applicants are to include the following in their dossier:

  • Form B
  • Verification of Eligibility
  • “Evidence of Teaching Excellence”
    • Begin by making a one-page list of things you can relate (even loosely) to teaching that will be included in your dossier
      • Website (if you have one)
      • Peer evaluations/teaching observations (including who and when, e.g. “Dr. Chairperson observed me teaching this class on these dates.”)
      • Evaluations by affected groups, such as letters or emails from students (including who and when, e.g. “Student McStudent wrote a letter and sent it to my chair”)
      • Description of how teaching materials are arranged (e.g. by semester/year)
      • List of publications, presentations, and guest lecturers related to teaching (even loosely)
      • Grants to support instruction
  • Four-Page MAX Reflective Essay
    • This is the foundation for everything in the dossier and where you should aim to tell a story.
      • Teaching philosophy
      • Specific examples of excellent teaching (e.g. assignments, anecdotes, etc.)
      • Student comments from SIRS (this is not required, but if your SIRS are stellar, this is where to talk about them)
  • Teaching Materials
    • This is the evidence to support the narrative from the reflective essay
      • Syllabi
        • If you taught the same class multiple times, include only the most recent version
      • SIRS
        • Do NOT include every SIRS from every semester
        • Identify key categories/questions that relate directly to your course learning outcomes and include aggregate data (eg. “CATEGORY x / total # of students / average & mean number score)
        • Pull key student comments that relate to your teaching philosophy and other evidence

Who Is the Audience?

Initially, the audience for the whole dossier varies by department. In some departments, it’s a committee, in other’s it’s the chair. In non-department units, it’s either the director or associate dean.

Then, Form B goes through the associate provost of academic human resources.

Official University Guidelines on Des B

  • Academic Human Resources policies
  • Contract language
    • “…during the first month of the eighth or subsequent semester of teaching employment within seven years of the first of these semesters in a given employing unit, the employee may submit a written request to the unit head or designee, including required documentation of teaching excellence, to be reappointed as a Designation B employee for the teaching portion of the assignment…”
  • The only official requirement for eligibility is eight semesters of teaching in seven years (or four years of continuous service, excluding summer semesters).
  • Check our page on department/college specifications for Des B that is ever changing.

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