Designation B is the policy, won by UNTF in our second contract, that gives teaching-focused faculty the right to increased job security.

Faculty who have had UNTF teaching appointments at MSU for a minimum of eight semesters may apply for a five-year rolling appointment under Designation B. Since our first semester of eligible employees applied, we now have over 100 members with Designation B status, with more joining those ranks every semester.

An exciting outcome of our 2022-2026 contract negotiations is that faculty granted Designation B status after June of 2022 will receive a $2,000 raise to their base salary.

Why Should You Apply for Des B?

If you are eligible, you should apply for Des B. Designation B is the most tangible job security available for non-tenure track teaching faculty at MSU and it’s more than worth the added peace of mind, not to mention the $1,000 raise added to base salary. In some units, Des B is a prerequisite for promotion to associate or full professor.

Who Can Apply for Des B?

Anyone who has taught eight semesters across seven (or fewer) years. So, anyone who has four years of continuous service at the university, excluding summer semesters.

Designation B FAQs When am I eligible? Faculty who have had four years of continuous service, or an UNTF teaching appointment at MSU for a minimum of eight semesters (excluding summer semesters). Can I apply now if I've been eligible for a while? Yes, as long as you haven’t had a gap of multiple semesters within that time when you weren’t teaching at MSU. Does part-time service count for eligibility? Yes, just the same as full-time. Do maternity semesters count for eligibility? Likely no, but check with your unit. When should you verify your eligibility? The semester before you will apply. Use the Request for Verification of Designation B Eligibility document on the MSU HR website to do so. Is des b different from promotion in rank? Yes. While promotion comes with a raise to your annual salary (Des B also adds a one-time $2000 addition to salary when attained between now and May 2026), promotion does not increase contract length for non-tenured faculty. Designation B offers more job security with a five-year rolling contract. Is my entire MSU appointment evaluated for my application? No. Only the teaching percentage of your appointment will be evaluated. Other duties, such as administrative or service, will not be considered for this application. Should we include courses we taught that weren't part of our official untf duties in form b? If they speak to your teaching excellence, yes. You can include summer courses, faculty overages where you teach outside your appointed unit, and courses taught at other universities if they demonstrate your ability. How long can the application dossier be? No more than 85 pages for the full dossier. No more than five pages for the reflective essay. Do we arrange our own observations? Yes. Should we focus on achievements rather than goal setting for the future? Achievements in the relevant time period that qualify you to receive this status. Your Designation B application is a time to reflect on your excellence in the past eight semesters, not to outline what you hope to accomplish once you attain the status. How soon should we arrange to be observed before applying? It’s best to start this process at least a semester ahead of when you plan to submit your application. It can take a while to find an observer, find a time that fits both your teaching schedules to conduct the observation, and give the other party time to write the observation letter. Will not having publications or presenting at conferences hurt my application? No, unless such duties are explicitly assigned as part of your UNTF percentage, which is the only part of your assignment that can be evaluated for Designation B. Can we ask co-teachers or internal unit reviewers to complete this observation? Yes, if it’s an observation that happens within the relevant time period for your application. How can we address covid in our application? You can include a covid impact statement in your teaching narrative or as a separate document in your dossier to discuss the impact. Email with other questions.