OUR CONTRACT: 2022-2026


The table below highlights the key issues addressed during negotiations and those with the greatest impact to our members.


These changes represent a historic win for UNTF.


ArticleDescription of ChangesKey Issues Addressed
1Employees who are at at least 50% FTE will be covered for online teaching if they teach courses mirrored on main campus OR teach at least one in-person courseOnline teaching will be represented by UNTF in many cases
9Inclusion of Designation B report to be provided within 45 days of fall and spring appointment periodsReporting anomalies will be addressed; Des B will be tracked centrally
11Rewritten grievance article addressing time to grievance, informal step added, selection of arbitrator to follow AAA rules, increased power to arbitratorThe entire contract rests on the grievance article; it has been rewritten to be stronger and therefore will allow us to administer the contract more effectively
12UNTF will not be distinguished from their colleagues in the tenure system in public-facing forumsAddressed in MOU 1 (“Mutual Respect,” below)
13Clearly defined procedure for employee-initiated modality shifts; additional course release for UNTF boardModality shifts will be addressed fairly and uniformly; additional course release for UNTF board

Establishment of rank of Senior Instructor and clear pathways for promotion at all ranks;

Establishment of promotion increment, to be added to base salaries;

Contracts after Designation B will be longer (5 years). Des B salary increment increased by $1,000.

Career pathway for Instructors; codifying promotion policies in the contract means that more UNTF faculty will have access to promotion; monetary reward for promotion

Compensation: see appendix 1 for additional details.

  • Everyone will receive a 3.5% raise to base salary in 2022, not based on merit;
  • Annual merit pools of 3% (2023 and 2024) and 2.5% (2025);
  • Increases to minimum salaries (see appendix 1);
  • $2000 upon reaching Designation B (2022-2026 only);
  • Additional increases to base wages for full-time faculty (see appendix 1);
  • One-time addition in 2022 to bring all Assistant Professors to $59,000 per year.

Settlement valued at $6 million.

Addresses very low salaries in some colleges; addresses salary compression in middle salary bands; provides financial incentive for Des B; larger merit pools than in past contracts.

18“Documentation of performance shall not be limited to student course evaluations. Documentation of performance may include, but is not limited to, annual review narrative report, teaching/course materials portfolio, syllabi, student letters/testimonials, and classroom observation reports.”Student evaluations will not be the sole criterion for annual reporting/review

One-semester cut in retirement vestment if the money saved by the University is reallocated to members. Please see appendix B.

This agreement will be in an MOU, not the CBA.

Everyone will be fully vested upon hire, instead of having to wait 24 months (Article 32).

Agreement is for a vestment cut only for FS22, not for a full six months.

Achieves parity with other faculty systems and unions on campus.

Was essential in order to reach agreements on other key issues.

MOU 1Mutual respect on use of faculty rankUNTF will not be distinguished from their colleagues in the tenure system in public-facing forums.
MOU 2Promotional increments for senior instructor/specialist, associate professor, and full professor ($2000-$4000, added to base salary)Monetary reward for promotions at MSU, including adding new benefit for those already promoted at MSU.
MOU 3Special conference regarding professional activities “inextricably intertwined” with teaching; phasing in of UNTF coverage of such activitiesWill enable detailed discussion of non-teaching percentages and whether/how UNTF should cover those percentages. Will expand workplace protections.
MOU 4Retirement contributionsSee above (32).
MOU 5In lieu of tuition remission, which is not possible at this time, special conference on faculty success and professional development needsSpecial conference to begin in January of 2023 and to include timeline for implementation of recommendations.
MOU 6Recognition of long-term serviceUNTF faculty with over twenty (20) years of service will be formally recognized.
MOU 7Supplemental payment for instructorsOne-time payment of $1000 for list of 33 full-time instructors who will remain in the bottom 20th percentile after 2022 adjustments.


It is important to note here that any violation of the contract, as of the date of ratification, can and should be addressed with a grievance. In most cases, grievances are resolved informally, and we encourage members of our bargaining unit to notify us of all issues. We will protect you and work on your behalf for resolution of the problem; additionally, it is illegal for MSU to engage in any sort of reprisal against a grievant.

Everyone will receive a 3.5% increase to their May, 2022 salary. This raise will not be tied to merit.


Salary Minimums, October 2022


Faculty Rank

Academic Year (AY)

Annual Year (AN)




Assistant Instructor









Assistant Professor



Associate Professor

(plus promotional increment if promoted at MSU after 2018)


(plus promotional increment if promoted at MSU after 2018)



(plus promotional increment if promoted at MSU after 2018)


(plus promotional increment if promoted at MSU after 2018)

Compression Adjustment, October 2022


Your compression adjustment will be calculated based on your May, 2022 salary but will be added after application of the new minimums.


May 2022 Yearly Salary

Increase to 

Base Salary









Additional Adjustment, October 2022 (if applicable)


After all of the above, those at the rank of Assistant Professor at 100% FTE (full time) whose salary is less than $59,000 will be raised to $59,000.

Promotional Increment, October 2022 (if applicable)


If you were promoted at MSU between 2018-2022 (not initially hired at a higher rank), you will receive an additional $2000 addition to your base salary after all of the above.