Raise calculator

Fixed term faculty who are eligible for raises should receive a letter from the Provost during the Fall semester stating the amount of their raise. You can use the calculator below to determine your monthly pre-deduction pay and, if you have your most recent pay stub handy, the percent of your raise.

Many of our members may fall into two separate raise pools. In this merit process, UNTF members were eligible to receive a raise from a 2.25% pool for the teaching portion of their salary in 2015. Any other part of your appointment (outreach, curriculum development, research, etc.) came from the non-union merit pool, which was only 2%. Your chair actually had to enter two separate raise amounts into the system in these cases, even though you got a letter that seems to indicate one single amount. To determine your union raise and your non-union raise, you should ask your chair or unit administrator.

Being part of a Union makes a clear difference: for the third year in a row, UNTF members have received a higher percentage merit pool raise than their non-Union counterparts! This is possible through the hard work of our bargaining team who fought for higher raises at the bargaining table last year.

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