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January – February 2017

Articles include:

  • Collective Bargaining
  • Cyber Attack!
  • Travel Fund
  • Designation B Training
  • Merit Raises
  • General Membership Meeting

November 2016

Articles include:

  • 3rd Class Faculty
  • Thoughts on Collectivity
  • New Fae – Evan Stivers
  • Permits for AY
  • Merit Raises
  • Academic Freedom
  • Designation B Training

August 2016

Articles Include:

  • History of UNTF Accomplishments
  • Professional Development Travel Fund
  • Designation B
  • Continuing vs. Fixed Term Designation B

July 2016

Articles Include:

  • Merit Raises Over the Years
  • Vacation Pay for Fixed Term Faculty
  • Straightline
  • UNTF President Deb Carmichael Passes
  • New Acting President
  • Professional Development Travel Fund
  • UNTF meets with MSU Trustee Dianne Byrum

May/June 2016

March/April 2016

January/February 2016

November/December 2015

September/October 2015

June 2015


Five Year Anniversary Edition!

Articles included:

  • Letter from the President
  • Five Years, Then and Now
  • Non-renewal Letters: UNTF files group grievance
  • Having a Union doesn’t cost, it pays! (Salary Table, 2010-2016)
  • MSU plans to move forward with destructive Lecturer policy
  • UNTF Officers and Staff
  • Call for Local Reps
  • Upcoming Events

April/May 2015

Articles included:

  • UNTF “fall-only” faculty added to merit pool
  • UCFA recommends mandatory self-reporting of criminal arrests
  • College of Arts and Letters salary matrix
  • AAUP releases 2014-2015 Faculty Salary Survey
  • Could you be eligible for unemployment benefits?
  • Lecturer rank update
  • Notices of reappointment and non-renewal
  • Welcome, grad student instructors!
  • Solidarity with MSU Teaching Assistants

February 2015

Articles included:

  • Partial Month Pay Procedures
  • MSU and UNTF continue to square off over Lecturer Policy
  • What’s the big deal about our grievance procedure?
  • U Denver reforms increase job security and respect for teaching faculty
  • MSU’s Lecturer Policy: More information
  • Constitutional Amendments passed

January 2015

Articles included:

  • Professional Development Travel Fund: Spring 2015
  • Training for Designation B Applicants
  • Spring 2015 General Membership Meetings
  • Join UNTF in the Martin Luther King Day Commemorative March on campus

November/December 2014

Articles included:

  • Who Counts as Faculty?
  • Union-Made Syllabus
  • Faculty Health Care Council Update
  • UPDATE: Faculty Title Change
  • Average Pay for Assistant Professors
  • Professional Development Travel Fund update
  • Rank Discrimination
  • Lame Duck report
  • UNTF Statement on George Will
  • Notice of Non-reappointment

September 2014

Articles included:

  • Welcome to new and returning faculty
  • Professional Development Travel Fund, Fall 2014
  • New faculty breakdown
  • Labor Rights are Civil Rights: UNTF and Project 60/50
  • Member Voices: What can we do to fight global warming?
  • Upcoming events
  • Watch your email: MSU Board of Trustees Election Questionnaire
  • Call for Local Representatives!
  • Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Policy at MSU
  • Help EMU Lecturers get paid on time!
  • Changes to dental plan

August 2014

Articles included:

  • UNTF and MSU reach agreement; UNTF members ratify 2014-2018 contract
  • Designation B training
  • UNTF 2014-2018 Contract Highlights
    • Compensation
    • Health Care
    • Reappointment Notice
    • Peformance Review
    • Office Space and Mailboxes
    • Changes to Designation B

May 2014

Articles included:

  • AAUP Report on Faculty Salary puts MSU Instructors at the bottom
  • UNTF at MSU Board of Trustees Meeting

April 2014

Articles included:

  • Now accepting UNTF officer nominations
  • Member meeting: Monday, April 14 at 5pm

March 2014

Articles included:

  • 2014 Contract Negotiations
  • Professional Development Travel Fund Report
  • Meet the 2014 Bargaining Team!
  • Building Connections across Michigan

December 2013

Articles included:

  • UNTF Announces Travel Funding Pilot Program
  • UNTF Files Designation B Criteria Grievance
  • Union Coffee Hour
  • 2013 Merit Pay Report
    •  Merit Raises for One-Semester Faculty
    • Merit Raises for Late Appointments
    • Merit Raises in Social Work

September 2013

Articles included:

  • Countdown to Negotiations
  • The myth of probation for fixed-term faculty
  • 2013 Merit Raise Approaches!
  • New ‘catastrophic’ health plan
  • Negotiations timeline
  • Designation B update

July 2013

Articles included:

  • Designation B Update: MSU responses and Union solutions
  • Welcome grad students!
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • The Affordable Care Act and Fixed-Term Health Care
  • Changing Faces
  • Pre-negotiations meeting

April 2013

Articles included:

  • Is MSU Discriminating against women?!
  • Who is UNTF?
  • Full UNTF Membership, why not?
  • 22 Members Gain Multi-Year Contracts
  • UNTF Transitions
  • Test  your Union knowledge

March 2013

Articles included:

  • Member Benefits: Full Membership Counts
  • UNTF Commitment to MSU vs. MSU Commitment to UNTF
  • Bargaining Agreement with Michigan State University
  • Right to Work Update
  • Survival Training: Protect our Union!

November 2012

Articles included:

  • Designation B Status & Contract Benefits
  • Labor was United in Efforts to Pass Prop 2. What happened? What’s next?
  • Calculating your UNTF Dues
  • Meet Joe Marutiak

April 2012

Articles included:

  • Membership Meeting
  • Support Your Union, Become a Full Member

March 2012

Articles included:

  • The UNTF
  • UNTF Success
  • Meet the President
  • Meet the Executive Board of UNTF
  • Your Union Staff

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