We are teachers and researchers.

We are dedicated, caring professors who bend over backward for our students.

We lead study abroad programs, write novels, present research in our fields.

We are parents, caregivers, spouses, and partners.

We are American, Turkish, Canadian, Japanese, Mexican, Russian, Polish, Italian, Chinese, and many more.

We speak – and teach – nearly every language on the planet.

We are proud to be full members of UNTF. We pay our dues because we believe that our Union helps us to have a fair say in our working conditions and in our learning community here at MSU.

We are UNTF.

Scroll down for profiles of featured UNTF members. To nominate yourself or a colleague as a featured member, email us at office@untf.org.



My name is Carmen De Lorenzo, I’m from Italy (Pisa) and I have a degree in French and Spanish Literature and an MA in TESOL. I am an Instructor of Italian and French at the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University. I started working in the department in 2005 first as a part-time and then as a full time instructor. I teach Italian and French language classes at all level but I specialize in beginner learners. My fields of interest are: Italian and French pedagogy and second language acquisition. I was in the first group of recipient of the Designation B contract. I was always an active member of the UNION since 2009 and currently I’m the stewardess for RCS. I really believe that joining the Union helps to give a voice to more vulnerable categories of workers unified by similar problems and issues in the work place. In my experience I can witness the UNTF representatives professionalism in listening to members’ problems and helping to solve them very quickly.




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