Officers and Staff

Executive Board

Rich Manderfield

Rich serves as the  President of the UNTF and works in the WRAC department at MSU.


Kate Birdsall

Kate serves as the UNTF Vice President. At MSU, she is a cultural studies scholar, a creative writer, a literary critic, and a teacher. Her research centers on discourses of race, class, gender, sexuality, and health, and how those things are defined in popular media.


Carmela De Lorenzo

My name is Carmen De Lorenzo, I’m from Italy (Pisa) and I have a degree in French and Spanish Literature and an MA in TESOL. I am an Instructor of Italian and French at the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University. I started working in the department in 2005 first as a part-time and then as a full time instructor. I teach Italian and French language classes at all level but I specialize in beginner learners. My fields of interest are: Italian and French pedagogy and second language acquisition. I was in the first group of recipient of the Designation B contract. I was always an active member of the UNION since 2009 and currently I’m the Union representative for RCS and I’m serving on the UNTF board as Chair Communications Committee. I really believe that joining the Union helps to give a voice to more vulnerable categories of workers unified by similar problems and issues in the work place. In my experience I can witness the UNTF representatives professionalism in listening to members’ problems and helping to solve them very quickly.


David Medei

David serves as the UNTF Secretary and Treasurer and works in the WRAC department at MSU.


Jason Price

Jason Price teaches in the Theater department and serves as the  Grievance and Negotiations Chair.

Jason Price Headshot

UNTF Staff

Ashley Hewlett

Ashley Hewlett serves as the UNTF Office Manager. She grew up in Michigan and received her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from MSU, where she studied Spanish, French and history. She also has her MATESOL and was a fixed-term faculty member at the English Language Center at MSU from 2011-2018. As of October 2017, she has been employed by UNTF to provide assistance managing the office on Lake Lansing Road.


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