To our sisters and brothers in LEO at the University of Michigan, we in the UNTF stand in solidarity with you and encourage administration to meet your demands. #fairpaynow #RESPECTTheLecs #LEOUnionUmich #UMich

Statement to the MSU Community from the Union of Nontenure-Track Faculty

In the wake of survivors’ testimonies of sexual assault—tragedies that in large part unfolded on our campus—many members of the university community have expressed disbelief at the ways that student voices were silenced and ignored.

We, members of the Union of Nontenure-Track Faculty, MSU, are listening. As teaching faculty, we provide day-to-day instruction, academic guidance, and ongoing support for the entire student body. We are central to the university’s educational mission. As educators, a big part of our time is spent listening to students. We listen and we care.

And what do we hear as we listen? We hear that students want transparency, a safe campus, and a responsive governance structure. Many demand concrete actions demonstrating MSU’s commitment to student input and well-being. These are the things that we hear.

We stand with our students’ call for honest, transparent university policies and actions that bring reform and deep healing—processes that begin with truth, followed by institutional change. We support the students and the university faculty, staff, and leaders as, together, we begin to tackle what must be done